Carriers prepare for West Coast Strike

As the West Coast ILA contract negotiations get underway carriers are already figuring out how they can protect themselves. There are talks of contingency surcharge of $800 per 20 and $1,00 per 40 foot container. Negotiations have started off well and work is expected to continue right up until the contract is signed so at… Read more »

Terminals Closed Good Friday

Please be advised that ALL container terminals in the Port of New York/New Jersey are scheduled to be closed on Good Friday – April 18th, 2014. The exam sites (except GCT) and SeaLink Office will be open.

Trucking Delays at NJ Terminals AGAIN

As of this morning the Port Authority is diverting truck traffic away from Maher Terminals for the 2nd straight day until the congestion clears. This means more traffic for the other terminals as well as waiting time to be billed for those trucks that are being turned away. Will keep you updated as the day… Read more »

East Coast Strike

GOOD NEWS – The strike has been avoided. Both sides have agreed to a 90 day extension and will continue to negotiate. Fat Loss Program For Men. An Overview On Customized Fat Loss by Kyle Leon e-Book click here 08/30/12 According to todays reports the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) has sent a letter urging… Read more »

Test & Hold Policy

01/12 – The FDA has implemented a “test & hold” policy for all imports of orange juice beginning immediately. The hold could delay shipments for 5 – 10 business days while they test for the presence of the fungicide carbendazim. Testing began on January 4th and 3 samples have already tested positive for the fungicide…. Read more »

UPDATED 10/02/09 116 Days to Go – Are You Ready

With $5,000 penalties and Do Not Load messages just around the corner have your suppliers been sending the ISF form on time. I know there has been a lot of confusion on what is considered “on-time” so here it is – Customs requires the information must be submitted no later than 24 hours before the… Read more »

Hurricane Sandy Port Update

Post Sandy Update: 5 Further to our update of yesterday, we have following to report: Channels: US Coast Guard issued the following advisory notice today: “The Port of New York is open to all commercial vessel transits with the exception of the Arthur Kill south of the Goethals Bridge, Bay Ridge and Red Hook Channels. … Read more »