A custom house brokerage and foreign freight forwarding firm where personal service still counts.

The three most important things when choosing a logistics partner: service, service and yes, service.

Established in 1865, our longevity is a testimony to our service. Being a fourth-generation family-run business for over a century-and-a-half is much more than good luck. We keep the person in personal. Call us and you’ll get a living, breathing human on the phone.

From typewriters to laptops, telex to texting, file cabinets to the cloud — J.W. Hampton has been and will continue to be your honest and reliable logistics partner throughout our changing world.

We support our customers through recessions, depressions, and booms; wars, pandemics, and peaceful prosperity; good times, bad times and in-between times and we will be here with you for decades to come.

  • 1789

    President Washington creates the Customs Service

  • 1862

    President Lincoln establishes the USDA

    • 1865

      J.W. Hampton Jr. & Co. established

    • 1863-65

      John W. Hampton (US Army) & John W. Shoule (US Navy) serve in American Civil War

    • 1870s

      Telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell and electric light bulb invented by Thomas Edison

    • 1869

      Suez Canal opens connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea

  • EARLY 1900s

    First successful airplane flight followed by first cargo flight several years later

    • 1906

      President Teddy Roosevelt establishes the USFDA

    • 1907

      United Parcel Service established in Seattle, WA

  • 1909

    Ford Model T invented

    • 1928

      J.W. Hampton Jr. & Co. vs. United States becomes landmark Supreme Court case after JWH protests the assessment of additional duties by the collector of Customs

    • 1914

      Panama Canal opens linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans


      World War I


      Influenza pandemic begins


      Great Depression


      United States Tariff Act passed


      World War II

  • 1956

    Shipping container invented; Construction of interstate highway system authorized

  • 1963

    System of US postal zip codes begins

  • 1965

    J.W. Hampton celebrates 100th anniversary

    • 1971

      FedEx founded


      Great Recession - Government bailouts of financial and auto sectors begin

    • 2015

      J.W. Hampton celebrates 150th anniversary


      J.W. Hampton becomes your logistics partner