Turkey REMOVED from GSP

Yesterday President Trump issued a proclamation to terminate Turkey’s status as a GSP country. The revocation becomes effective immediately, meaning TODAY May 17th, 2019. According to the administration Turkey is sufficiently economically developed and does not require preferential treatment anymore. In a 2nd proclamation Trump ordered the reduction of the Section 232 Tariffs on steel… Read more »

List 4 Released

List 4 has been released and it could be the straw that breaks the camels back. The list contains everything from live animals, frozen food and cheese thru wearing apparel, footwear and sporting equipment. The important thing to know is that there is still time to submit written comments, or even make a request to… Read more »

Tariff Increase – 25%

As you have heard the President of the United States has threatened to increase the additional duties on “List 3” items from 10% to 25% beginning Friday, May 10th. As of this morning, US Customs has made the necessary changes to their database so that is a good sign that the increase will take place…. Read more »

Chinese Tariff Increase

Over the weekend President Trump has threatened that the additional duty on $200 billion worth of goods being imported from China could increase from the current 10% to 25%. The key word right now is THREATENED – that means there is still a chance that this weeks meeting with the Chinese delegation could produce another… Read more »

Women’s Sandals

In an unusual role reversal, CBP is proposing reclassification of some women’s sandals that would lower the duty. That is right, LOWER the duty. Click here to see the formal Customs Bulletin.

Congestion Pricing in NYC

A bill was passed that will make NYC the first city in the country to implement congestion pricing. The plan is set to go into effect in 2020 and it will cover what is known as Manhattan’s Central Business District (CBD) – the area below 60th Street. The plan will be used to reduce traffic… Read more »

More Exclusions for Section 301

On March 25th The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) announced a 2nd round of exclusions in the Federal Register. The exclusions announced will be retroactive as of July 6, 2018 and will extend for one year after the publication of the notice. The exclusions are specific HTS numbers in Chapters 84, 85, and… Read more »

India & Turkey Removed from GSP

The Trump administration is finishing up meetings with India and Turkey that will ultimately end with both countries being removed from GSP. The Generalized System of Preference (GSP) is a program that allows least developed countries to send some of their products to the United States duty free. Turkey will be removed from the program… Read more »

Section 301 Tariff Increase Postponed

President Trump announced yesterday there has been significant progress in his talks with China regarding trade.  The positive talks have led the President to delay the increase of duty rates to 25% that was expected to take effect on March 2, 2019.  The news boosted both Chinese and US Stock markets.  I wish I could provide… Read more »

GSP Modified

On October 30th President Trump signed Proclamation 9813 which modified the list of products eligible for duty-free treatment under the Generalized System of Preference.  The changes are effective for goods entered for consumption on or after 12:01am eastern daylight time on November 1, 2018.  The update will change the GSP status from A to A* for around 92… Read more »