CBP Trade Programs

AGOA -EXPIRES 12/31/10
The African Growth and Opportunity Act – information to be posted at a later time

The Andean Trade Preference Act/ATP Drug Eradication Act

ELVIS – Electronic Visa Information System.

GSP – EXPIRES 12/31/10
The Generalized System of Preference is described by Customs as: “The Generalized System of Preferences is U.S. trade program to help developing nations improve their economic condition through exports. It provides for the duty-free importation of a wide range of products that would otherwise be subject to Customs duty if imported from non-GSP status countries. GSP is renewed on an annual basis by Congress. Often GSP authority lapses before it is renewed, in which case duties on imports that are normally covered are held in escrow pending renewal. If any item’s GSP status changes, thereby losing eligibility for duty-free treatment, the duties held in escrow will not be refunded to the importer.”. For more information to see if your goods qualify please give us a call.

Quota Pre Processing – This is a program that has been implemented by Customs to allow you to file Quota Entries prior to the date of arrival. Please give us a call to see if you qualify.