Phase 1 Signed

Finally, we have reached Phase 1 in the US-China trade war. It seems like a long time to wait just to have CERTAIN products from China reduced from 15% to 7.5%. The items covered in this deal are the ones from List 4A, NOT any other list. The reduced duty rate will take effect on… Read more »

USMCA Agreement Reached

The long awaited “New” deal between the US, Mexico and Canada has passed the largest hurdle – our own US government. This agreement will modernize the NAFTA agreement and is expected to increase trade and lead to freer markets and fairer trade between these 3 countries.

More List 3 Exclusions

On November 26th the USTR announced 32 specially prepared product descriptions, which cover 39 separate exclusion requests.” These exclusions are specific to List 3 and will be retroactive. Please review the list carefully since the exclusions are very specific and do not apply just because the HTS code matches.

Cotton Fee Increase

On December 16th the cotton fee will increase for imports of cotton or products that contain cotton. The new rate will be $0.012222 per kg – that is a 2.7% increase from the old rate of $0.011905. The increase will be used to finance research and promotion programs to increase demand for upland cotton in… Read more »

List 1 Exclusions

If you are enjoying the initial Section 301, List 1 exclusion granted on December 28, 2019 be aware they are set to expire December 28, 2019. USTR will accept requests to extend the exclusion thru November 30, 2019 as per 84 FR 58427. You can locate the exclusion request form at If you have… Read more »

Tariff Rollback, can it be true ?

For the first time since the Section 301 tariffs have been applied to goods out of China we are hearing that China has agreed to roll back the tariffs in simultaneous stages if the trade talks with the US advance. Normally our news is always coming from the White House however this time Chinas Commerce… Read more »

Section 301 – Phase 1

On Friday the United States announced they will suspend the 5% tariff hike that was expected today. This is being called “Phase One” of the negotiations in what people believe will pave the way for future deals. For most people this does not satisfy their call for an end to the tariffs but as we… Read more »

EU Tariff Increase

The Unites States has published the list of products that will be affected by the Section 301 Airbus investigation. Although the start date is believe to be October 18th that date has not been officially mentioned. The list is divided into 15 different sections and covers many countries so make sure you review carefully. If… Read more »

Tariffs Delayed

Last week President Trump announced he will delay the additional 5% increase planned for October 1st until October 15th. This is due to the continued negotiations between both countries. China is also doing their part – they have exempted more than a dozen U.S. goods, including port and soybeans.

5% MORE!?!?!?! – revised

The news has reported that President Trump is increasing tariffs ANOTHER 5%. This is in retaliation for China announcing additional tariffs on US goods. The confusing part for most is where does this 5% apply. The answer is………..ALL LISTS. For current Lists 1,2, & 3 the 5% will begin October 1st. For List 4a &… Read more »