Duty Deferral, for some

Duty Deferral is available for some importers. Before you go jumping for joy I must inform you that the postponement does NOT apply for entries subject to Antidumping, Countervailing, Section 232, Section 201, or Section 301 duties. This is an especially major blow to importers of Chinese goods who have been suffering on a shortage… Read more »

NO Duty Deferral….for now

According to an Larry Kudlow the White House was not considering a 90 day deferral of duty payments. He went on to say the deal with China is in place and so is the USMCA indicating that is enough. A direct quote says “I would not expect to see any movement on tariffs right now.”… Read more »

Duty Payment Delay?

US Customs has announced they are accepting requests from importers to delay duty payments. The request must be emailed to OTentrysummary@cbp.dhs.gov and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. The request should include entry number, duty due date and reason for requesting an extension. US Customs is trying to help reduce the financial… Read more »

Masks & Other Relief Goods

We are getting many calls from the importing community with questions on importing masks, disposable apparel, and sanitizer among other relief goods. JWH is here and ready to help. So if you are being offered goods from some of your suppliers give us a call so we can navigate the rules and regulations. Be advised,… Read more »


Over the last 155 years, J W Hampton has helped our clients navigate through the good times and the bad times. We have never had such times of uncertainty. As this constantly changing situation evolves we want you to know we will be there for you. We are here moving your freight. we are here… Read more »

Phase 1 Signed

Finally, we have reached Phase 1 in the US-China trade war. It seems like a long time to wait just to have CERTAIN products from China reduced from 15% to 7.5%. The items covered in this deal are the ones from List 4A, NOT any other list. The reduced duty rate will take effect on… Read more »

USMCA Agreement Reached

The long awaited “New” deal between the US, Mexico and Canada has passed the largest hurdle – our own US government. This agreement will modernize the NAFTA agreement and is expected to increase trade and lead to freer markets and fairer trade between these 3 countries.

More List 3 Exclusions

On November 26th the USTR announced 32 specially prepared product descriptions, which cover 39 separate exclusion requests.” These exclusions are specific to List 3 and will be retroactive. Please review the list carefully since the exclusions are very specific and do not apply just because the HTS code matches.

Cotton Fee Increase

On December 16th the cotton fee will increase for imports of cotton or products that contain cotton. The new rate will be $0.012222 per kg – that is a 2.7% increase from the old rate of $0.011905. The increase will be used to finance research and promotion programs to increase demand for upland cotton in… Read more »

List 1 Exclusions

If you are enjoying the initial Section 301, List 1 exclusion granted on December 28, 2019 be aware they are set to expire December 28, 2019. USTR will accept requests to extend the exclusion thru November 30, 2019 as per 84 FR 58427. You can locate the exclusion request form at www.regulations.gov. If you have… Read more »