Mexico Tariffs

Another day, another tariff war. Every morning we wake up there seems to be new tariffs on some country who most Americans thought were our allies. Today’s fight is with Mexico and beginning June 10th there will be a 5% tariff on all goods being imported from Mexico. The tariffs are in an effort to… Read more »

Section 301 Lists

I know keeping up with the different lists has been difficult so I am sharing a link from Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg that shows all the affected HTS codes in one place. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about your specific HTS or any future imports you may… Read more »

GSP Termination for India

As of today, India is no longer designated as a beneficiary developing country. The removal is in response to President Trump claiming India’s duties on US goods are too high. He believes we do not have open access to the Indian market and thinks removing them from GSP will show them that the US means… Read more »

List 3 Date Change

On Friday the USTR announced they will extend the amount of time for goods to arrive into the United States before they will be charged 25%. Originally the cut off was June 1st however the Federal Register notice has changed that date to June 15th. Some believe this is a good sign that a deal… Read more »

SOME Section 232 Duties Lifted

Effective May 20th, 2019 the Section 232 duties on aluminum and steel from Canada and Mexico have been lifted. The proclamation states that an agreement has been reached to prevent the importation of steel articles that are unfairly subsidized or sold at dumped prices. These actions along with other measures will prevent the continued threat… Read more »

Turkey REMOVED from GSP

Yesterday President Trump issued a proclamation to terminate Turkey’s status as a GSP country. The revocation becomes effective immediately, meaning TODAY May 17th, 2019. According to the administration Turkey is sufficiently economically developed and does not require preferential treatment anymore. In a 2nd proclamation Trump ordered the reduction of the Section 232 Tariffs on steel… Read more »

List 4 Released

List 4 has been released and it could be the straw that breaks the camels back. The list contains everything from live animals, frozen food and cheese thru wearing apparel, footwear and sporting equipment. The important thing to know is that there is still time to submit written comments, or even make a request to… Read more »

Tariff Increase – 25%

As you have heard the President of the United States has threatened to increase the additional duties on “List 3” items from 10% to 25% beginning Friday, May 10th. As of this morning, US Customs has made the necessary changes to their database so that is a good sign that the increase will take place…. Read more »

Chinese Tariff Increase

Over the weekend President Trump has threatened that the additional duty on $200 billion worth of goods being imported from China could increase from the current 10% to 25%. The key word right now is THREATENED – that means there is still a chance that this weeks meeting with the Chinese delegation could produce another… Read more »

Women’s Sandals

In an unusual role reversal, CBP is proposing reclassification of some women’s sandals that would lower the duty. That is right, LOWER the duty. Click here to see the formal Customs Bulletin.