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List 4 based on ENTRY DATE

Federal Register Notice has been issued related to when duties will begin for list 4. According to the USTR the duty will be based on THE ENTRY DATE. This means all goods on the water will NOT be exempt from additional tariffs if they arrive on or after September 1st or December 15th depending on… Read more »


We just received word that due to rapidly increasing winds as well as expected snowfall the New Jersey ports are closing immediately. They have also issued notice that they will be closed tomorrow. Between the Pennsylvania interstates being closed to commercial traffic as of 8am this morning and the NJ ports being closed from now… Read more »

TRUCK BAN – Port of New Jersey

A Truck Ban will begin January 1, 2018. All Drayage Trucks with an engine dated 1995 or older will NOT be permitted access into any Port Authority Terminal at the Ports of New York & New Jersey. This ban is aimed at reducing diesel truck emissions as well as improving overall health and safety. The… Read more »

Shanghai Congestion

Congestion at the port of Shanghai is now at 51.2 hours and the number of vessels has dropped from 100 last week to around 80 as of now. Equipment shortage is still an issue and the delivery window for export containers is now 24 hours which was previously 72. There are many reasons for the… Read more »

Container Exams at NY/NJ Ports

US Customs has released their Exam Cycle Times for the Fiscal Year 2017, 2nd quarter and things continue to improve. X-Ray Exams (NII) are taking 2.72 days, a 1/2 day improvement from same time last year. Full Strip is now slightly less than 5 days (4.72) which is a 1 3/4th day improvement from same… Read more »

Shanghai Congestion

Oh BOY !!!! congestion in the port of Shanghai has risen a whopping 42% between April 16th and 18th and is continuing to grow. Right now the average vessel delay is 53 hours. Between the new steamship line alliances and dense fog it is becoming increasingly difficult for vessels to stick to their schedules. Adding… Read more »

Been a while…….

Sorry for not posting in over a year however things have been very busy here at JWH (and at home) and fortunately international shipping was relatively quiet – except for the Hyundai debacle. For those of you who do not know, I now have 4 children – Samantha(8), Bobby(6), Vinny(3) and Julianna(2) so life is… Read more »


As many of you are aware beginning July 1, 2016 any shipping container that leaves from ANY port in the world is required to have the Verified Gross Mass (vgm) listed on the bill of lading. This means that the steamship lines are requiring the shipper or forwarder to verify the actual gross weight as… Read more »