Container Exams at NY/NJ Ports

US Customs has released their Exam Cycle Times for the Fiscal Year 2017, 2nd quarter and things continue to improve. X-Ray Exams (NII) are taking 2.72 days, a 1/2 day improvement from same time last year. Full Strip is now slightly less than 5 days (4.72) which is a 1 3/4th day improvement from same time in 2016. Agriculture exams has seen some great improvements in their seal check process, they are now releasing all seal check holds prior to arrival. Full strip and Back-In Cold Treatment exams are 7.11 days and 3.05 days respectively while regular back-in exams are being done in 3.78 days which is more than a full day sooner than this Quarter 2 in 2016. Customs continues to encourage brokers to file entries early and submit documents as soon as requested by Customs – this will allow them to review and possibly release the containers before arrival.

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