Been a while…….

Sorry for not posting in over a year however things have been very busy here at JWH (and at home) and fortunately international shipping was relatively quiet – except for the Hyundai debacle. For those of you who do not know, I now have 4 children – Samantha(8), Bobby(6), Vinny(3) and Julianna(2) so life is always hectic. I do find that dealing with young children helps stay calm in the face of the many problems we see in our everyday shipments. Sometimes no matter how careful you are and how much you plan there are times when Murphys Law strikes hard. Some times when thing starts off bad it will continue to go bad all the way until the end so here at JWH we do our best to hope for the best but always prepare for the worst all the while helping our customer with contingency plans so they can keep their production line moving and/or their customer happy. Have a great day and will be posting regular updates in the future.

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