Section 301, List 3 Published

Here we go again, List 3 has been finalized and it covers 5,745 HTS codes that affect many different industries. Effective September 24th items on List 3 will have a 10% additional duty. Starting January 1, 2019, the additional duty will increase to 25%.  The major issue has been that this list hit closer to home for consumers like you and I.  Here are some of the industries that will see additional tariffs: beauty products, cigarettes, electronics, seafood, produce, embroidery and leather and fur apparel, textiles, handbags, and yarns. Luckily the tariffs have not affected footwear or other apparel but they are not off the table for future discussions.  There were 297 HTS codes removed that represented certain safety products like bicycle helmets, car seats, and playpens.

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