5% MORE!?!?!?! – revised

The news has reported that President Trump is increasing tariffs ANOTHER 5%. This is in retaliation for China announcing additional tariffs on US goods. The confusing part for most is where does this 5% apply. The answer is………..ALL LISTS. For current Lists 1,2, & 3 the 5% will begin October 1st. For List 4a & 4b the rate will begin at 15% on September 1st and December 15th respectively. The question that can not be answered is how this 5% will be added to your customs entry. We are not sure if CBP will add a new HTS code or if the 10% will just jump to 15% and the 25% jump to 30%. Right now we are waiting on the official Federal Register notice. If anything else important is published we will update accordingly. Feel free to call the office with any questions.